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Texas Tint Laws 2011

Texas Tint Laws 2011
In Texas Tint laws and State inspections laws differ from one another.
In the state of Texas Tint limit is around 25% or above. This means the darkest tint to have safely would be 25% light emission. 20% is  the legal limit but sometimes it is argued that 30% is the legal limit. This limit is for each vehicle on the road.

 Texas Laws
Section 547.613 of Texas transportation the Texas Transportation Code makes it a misdemeanor to operate a vehicle with an object or material attached to the windshield, rear, or side windows that obstructs or reduces the driver’s visibility.

Sun-screening devices can not be applied until following conditions are met.

1. Sun-screening devices must be applied above the AS-1 line.

2. Sun-screening devices may not be red, amber, or blue in color.

3. Sun-screening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, must have a light transmittance value of 25% or more.

4. Sun-screening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, must have a luminous reflectance value of 25% or less.

5. A clear (un-tinted) UV film is allowed anywhere on the front windshield without a medical exemption being required.

Thanks to Texas Department Of Public Safety and Solar Control Films  for useful information.

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Mike said...

Great! Do you have Indiana tint laws!

Window Tint said...

Yes, the legal limit for the front side windows is 25% total light transmittance. I own a window tint shop and we use 30% on front windows, because after measured with the original glass it's about 27-28 percent. There are no limits on the back side windows and rear glass. The darkest film we carry is 5% so combined with glass is about 2-3 percent and this is legal in Texas.
Information from Texas DPS website

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